• We supply a wide range of industrial products, ranging from simple circulating and hydraulic oils to sophisticated metal working fluids and coolants. We aim to provide top quality chemicals and lubricants to all sectors of the modern industrial landscape.

  • Our Technilube Concrete mould release oils, shutter oils and our new Biodegradeable “Techrelease 30” products will make sure you get a good clean finish in whatever concrete process you happen to be doing.

  • Technilube, established in 1992, is a specialist supplier of a wide range of industrial lubricants, cutting oils and chemicals.

    Offering a full list of major oil company branded products and also locally blended independent equivalents, we cover the entre spectrum of Industrial and Automotive lubrication requirements.

  • From a basic forklift to modern, turbo charged trucks, from Automatic Transmission fluid to all purpose grease, we have your application covered! Our range of “T-Lube” motor oils is blended to up to date API Specifications to keep your engine running clean and cool.

  • We stock a wide range of cleaning chemicals, soaps, degreasers, floor powders and coatings and hygiene products.


Technical Advice


TECHNILUBE offers free technical advice from our sales team with over 25 years of experience, and strives to offer a more personal and caring approach to the sale of industrial products


Technilube Products


Technilube offers a Full range of Industrial and automotive lubricants, metal working fluids, mould releases and chemicals.

Major name brand products also available from Shell, Valvoline, Engen etc


ISO,SABS and Level 4 BBBEE approved


All our products are manufactured in ISO and SABS approved blending facilities to international specifications.

We achieved level 4 BBBEE rating and are dedicated to equitable growth.