Engine Oils

Technilube offers a wide range of  Engine Oils for all different applications.
How to choose an engine oil?
The best way to choose an engine oil is to check what the owners manual for your particular vehicle specifies. An owners manual will almost always give a particular API Oil Specification. This will look something like  “CF/SF 15W40”.
“CF/SF” gives the spec for both diesel and petrol applications (the higher the 2nd letter the higher the spec…F in this case) and “15W40” describes the viscosity of the oil and that it is a MultiGrade oil.

We offer many different specs and viscosities of engine oil. Our most popular products are listed below, but please feel free to contact us for any advice or for a range that is not listed.

  • CF/SF 30
  • CF/SF 40
  • CF/SF 15W40
  • CH4/SL 15W40 (SHPDO)
  • SL 20W50
  • SL/CI-4 10w40 “POWERLUBE”