Mould Release Oils

We stock a comprehensive range of concrete mould release agents. From conventional petroleum based mould oils to our exciting new TechRelease 30, green Vegetable mould release agent we have you covered!

Techrelease 30
TECHRELEASE 30 is a biodegradable, non-toxic, ozone and ground water friendly mould release agent (MRA) to replace petrochemical based products (e.g. mineral oil, diesel, paraffin etc.), which are currently widely used and pose a health and environmental hazard, and often not as efficient.
Benefits of TECHRELEASE 30 emulsifiable vegetable oil MRA.
Efficient release giving a pin hole free product.
Eliminates health risks associated with petrochemicals e.g. respiratory problems, dermatitis 􏰀Environmentally friendly, solvent free and expected to be 100% biodegradable.
Moulds can be cleaned with water/detergent.
Can be used with Polyurethane and Silicone rubber, as well ABS, FRP, Polypropylene and PE
moulds and steel. (Not recommended for Latex rubber).
It will not degrade or attack the surfaces.
It will not be absorbed by polyurethane rubber moulds (long exposure to mineral oils can
cause dimension changes and softening causing moulds to tear when demoulding)
Minimises fire risk (flash point over 200C)
Promotes good worker relations due to reduced fatigue working with friendly chemicals.
No fire and health hazards to worry about.

Please contact us for more details on TechRelease 30.