Compressor oils

Technilube’s range of Compressor Oils is carefully blended using premium quality paraffinic base oils. These products incorporate additives that minimize oxidation, deposit formation and foaming as well as provide a high degree of boundary lubrication between moving metal surfaces. They also combat the effects of water contamination and prevent corrosion.
In oil flooded rotary compressors the oxidizing conditions are extremely severe because fine droplets of water are mixed with hot, compressed air. In some screw-type air compressors the rotors are gear driven and do not make contact, in others one rotor drives another. Heavy contact loads occur where power is transmitted from one rotor to another; here the lubricating oil encounters physical conditions similar to those between mating gear teeth. Under these operating conditions the oil has to fulfill three main functions.

  • To lubricate moving parts
  • To form a gas-tight seal around the compressor space
  • To cool the air being compressed

Technilube compressor oils are suitable for rotary, screw and piston compressors.


We also stock a range of high performance, synthetic compressor oils. Please enquire about our Synair range

(Compressor oils are designed to satisfy these requirements and are suitable for all rotary compressors where high air delivery temperatures are encountered. They are also recommended for oil flooded rotary compressors with discharge temperatures of up to 220 degrees Celsius and are suitable for plants operating in ambient temperatures ranging from 25 – 40 degrees Celsius. The lubricants ash less formulation is designed to minimize deposits and thereby provide efficient compressor operation, reduce maintenance costs and reduce the hazard of fire and explosion)