This is a range of virgin mineral base oils conforming to the international classification ISO type HM 0 (Oils inhibited against rust and oxidation and containing anti-wear additives) and blended to fall within the ISO viscosity grades. Our Hydraulic Oils have good low temperature characteristics and offer a wide choice of viscosities, their solvent refined base oils are fortified by full additive treatment, which minimises oxidation, foaming, and ensures long machinery life by reducing wear and preventing corrosion.
These oils are formulated for use in hydraulic equipment but their properties are such that they are also suitable for other machinery in which lubricants of high oxidation stability and excellent anti-wear performance are required. The range of viscosities in this series of oils provides a grade for virtually every hydraulic function in which a mineral oil is suitable. The quality of the base oils and additives allows the Technilube Hydraulic Oil range to be applied in lightly loaded gears, in some variable speed units, in bearings and in machine tools.